MMR Titer Testing

A Titer lab report can identify how many antibodies are in a person's bloodstream, which can identify immunity to a particular disease. If you have been vaccinated previously but are not sure if you are still immune, or if you have never been vaccinated but may have developed immunity, the Titers testing can tell you if you need further vaccines or not.


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MMR Titer Testing


  • 4.8 star rating
  • 2-10 day processing
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MMR Titer Testing


  • Use code MedProctor20 for 20% off
  • Same-day testing 
  • Appointments or walk-ins available at 2,000+ locations
  • Results available online
  • In-home phlebotomy available


MMR Titer Testing


  • Use code MP20 for 20% off testing
  • Quick and convenient testing
  • 1-2 day processing

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