About Med+Proctor

Med+Proctor is a healthcare technology company headquartered in Nashville, TN.  The company was formed with the goal of improving front office medical processes by digitizing and streamlining paper-based forms. 

Currently, the platform focuses on automating the immunization verification process for incoming students at colleges and universities. Med+Proctor replaces an inefficient, paper-based process that is extremely outdated and time consuming. Disease outbreaks can happen several times a year on university campuses, so creating a more efficient way to verify immunity before the start of each semester has never been more important. 

Med+Proctor is a Free and useful tool for any college or university, and currently supports over 1M+ students, nationwide.

Med+Proctor is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. To learn more about Microsoft's SOC 2 certified and secure data centers, visit the Microsoft Trustcenter Homepage.


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